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Ebook Publishing

Let Us Prepare Your Ebook

Developing your book for ebook delivery to Amazon.com and other online ebook publishers can expand its reach. But the process is complicated. We can make it easy for you.

Why Ebook Publishing?

Ebook publishing is a critical component of any successful book launch. People can obtain ebooks for their Kindle, their Nook, and for reading on their tablets and smartphones, meaning your book’s reach extends far beyond just people who can access the printed version (if there even is one).

We can provide help with:

  • Designing the book to be accessible on e-readers, tablets and smartphones
  • Coding the book so it is accepted by the various ebook vendors
  • Working with ebook sellers to ensure you get paid for each ebook sale
  • Marketing your book on these platforms

Most authors find this process laborious and frustrating because they don’t know the tricks. Our team can get you and your book seen and heard so people will buy and read.

Contact us today to get started.